Introducing XFN! The Cross-functional Policy Mobility Program for Public Servants

This unique program makes it easy for indeterminate and term employees to gain experience in different policy functions across the public service and for managers to benefit from multi-disciplinary teams.

XFN is offered and enabled by the Policy Community Partnership Office and the Canada School of Public Service.  

Participants will: 

  •     work in 2-3 different policy functions in diverse departments/agencies over 18 months;
  •     hone policy skills and new ways of thinking; and
  •     receive individualized support from the program’s Talent Manager to achieve their learning goals.

Managers receive:

  •     pre-screened high potential policy practitioners with diverse multi-disciplinary skills;
  •     short-term resource with minimal HR burden; and, 
  •     individualized support from the Talent Manager to enable program participant learning.

The XFN Blog

After the XFN Program launched in November 2018, a running blog was created to provide an exclusive look into the design and development of the program. With blog entries from both the creators of the XFN Program and the participants, you can read about the onboarding process, the hopes and fears of our participants, and how participants are adjusting in their new assignments.

Developmental Mindset

A developmental mindset is what makes you open and willing to learn, and able to persist when learning gets tough. It is your ability to take what you have learned and apply it to future situations.  

Competency Framework used for XFN cohort 2 (Beta Version 2019)


Brings information to life in a way appropriate to the audience to inform, engage or support empathetic and robust decision-making. 


Builds relationships and partnerships internally and externally, builds consensus, and co-creates solutions. 


Is curious, embraces new ways of thinking and doing, and has the courage to push boundaries. 


Asks questions, synthesizes and uses a critical approach to understand a problem, and proposes well-reasoned policy advice. 


Changes in a constructive manner, experiments, applies lessons learned, adjusts and perseveres through uncertainty and setbacks. 


Evaluates options for a given problem to translate government vision into policies and programs, and measures results and their impact. 

Data Literate

Creates, gathers, interprets and/or visualizes qualitative and quantitative data using current, valid and reliable sources. 


Is culturally aware and engages diverse users throughout the policy cycle to address their needs.