The Cross-Functional Policy Mobility Program

Our Participants

Photo of Keren Gottfried
Keren Gottfried

Keren is currently posted at the Privy Council Office, learning about Transition and the central agency experience as a member of the Priorities an Read More

Photo of Marianne Poirier
Marianne Poirier

Marianne is currently part of the Smart Cities Challenge team at Infrastructure Canada for her second XFN rotation. 

Marianne is excited ab Read More

Photo of Jon Barrett
Jon Barrett

Jon is a trilingual international affairs junkie living the dream. He is on his second assignment at Global Affairs Canada, where he contributes to Read More

Photo of Erik Fogal
Erik Fogal

As a passionate problem-solver and a believer in life-long learning, Erik joined the XFN program in search of new problems to solve, and new perspe Read More

Photo of Kym Shumsky
Kym Shumsky

Kym was born and raised in the Prairies but has lived in Ottawa long enough that she would never survive a Win Read More

Photo of Benoit Ducharme-Vachon
Benoit Ducharme-Vachon

Benoit is a career bureaucrat who still has the same enthusiasm and idealism he had when he started. He joined the XFN program to be at the heart o Read More

Photo of Salman Dostmohammad
Salman Dostmohammad

Salman Dostmohammad is an award-winning policy professional with experience in the public and private sector. 

Salman is currently a Strate Read More

Photo of Chelsea Brescacin
Chelsea Brescacin

Chelsea Brescacin is a policy analyst completing her second XFN assignment at Natural Resources Canada. Her first assignment was at Indigenous Serv Read More

Photo of Bradley Sykes
Bradley Sykes

Bradley applied to the XFN program as it offered and celebrated a way of working that he rarely saw in government job postings: one that is interdi Read More

Photo of Alana Johnson
Alana Johnson

Alana is currently working with the Strategic Policy team at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Her first assignment through XFN was with Employm Read More

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