Doing this work means: 

  • staying connected in a meaningful way across a vast organization and beyond; 
  • bringing emerging approaches into our work, growing new skills and shifting our mindsets; and 
  • being intentional about making the space for thinking, questioning and action on the “how” of policy.

The Policy Community is where you can:

Connect with others

We help by bringing people together on a human scale for meaningful connection and relationship building. Join in to be inspired, energized and stay connected to our shared purpose.

Enable yourself

We prototype experiences to spark learning that sticks. Stay tuned for opportunities to try on new mental models, encounter multiple perspectives and harness the power of working in an integrated way.

Evolve our policy practices 

We work to surface underlying assumptions, build and test new ideas for the “how” of policy, together. 


Eight skills and mindsets for policy practitioners

Since its inception, the Policy Community Partnership Office has been working on articulating the Skills and Mindsets needed to do policy work well, now and in the future. This ongoing work has brought us to the eight skills and mindsets and the metaphor of a garden.  Visit this section to see what they are. 

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The Cross-functional Policy Mobility Program for Public Servants (XFN) makes it easy for indeterminate and term employees to gain experience in different policy functions across the public service and for managers to benefit from multi-disciplinary teams. 

XFN is offered and enabled by the Policy Community Partnership Office and the Canada School of Public Service.

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Drive your own learning

Our DIY (do it yourself) workshop section hosts videos and workshop guides to empower you and your colleagues. 

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Annual Conference in 2021

How do we convene across our Community in a meaningful way in the winter of 2021 when it simply isn't safe to do so? We change the model. 

We'll be crafting ways to convene online that are meaningful, provocative and enabling your growth as a policy practitioner. Watch this space for news or sign up for our mailing list below. 

The Novel Policy Instruments and Approaches Collection

Follow your curiosity to reach better policy outcomes through this collection of articles. What you’ll find here are some basic information on instruments and approaches, examples of application in a government context and what to keep in mind as public policy practitioners as you consider making them part of your thinking and process.

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