A rich virtual experience, no matter where you are.

The Conference-in-a-Box (CIAB) is a treasure chest of resources that you can explore. The CIAB is designed to provide you with the materials that you need to organize a mini-conference with your colleagues.

The CIAB is designed to complement the virtual broadcast of previous Policy Community Conferences by providing materials for learning, practicing and sparking conversations.

There are two ways to engage with the conference content now:

  1. Rewatch the webcasts of the plenary sessions and speakers from the convenience of your desk, or
  2. Gather your colleagues and host your own mini-event and choose the materials you want to use from the Conference-in-a-Box!

Bringing together colleagues to learn, question and explore.

The Conference-in-a-Box, including activity kits and archived webcast videos, remains available year-round.

There is no need to register (and there is no cost) to take advantage of the virtual Conference-In-A-Box. However, if you are organizing a mini-conference, please let the Policy Community Partnership Office know: or Tweet @policommpoli #policomm

    Activities (2018)

    How Might We Design Public Engagement Experiences? (60-90 min)
    How Might We Co-Create Policy? (60 min)
    How Might We Rethink the Policy Cycle? (45-60 min)
    Parallel Thinking Workshop (120 min)
    TRIZ Exercise (40 min)


    "Your Policy Community"

    Rachel Wernick and Neil Bouwer

    "Measurement Matters"

    Jason Saul

    "Building Trust in Innovating Policy Making"

    Nitika Agarwal

    "Being a Modern, Relevant, and Impactful Policy Practitioner"

    Marta Morgan and JF Tremblay

    "Discussion with the Clerk"

    Michael Wernick

    "AI & Disruptive Tech in Policy Making"

    Gayemarie Brown

    "Working as One Team"

    Kit Collingwood

    Activities (2019)

    The Public Impact Fundamentals Self-assessment Tool - CPI (60-90 min)
    Reflective Practice: River of Life (15-30 min)
    Storytelling - Apolitical (60-90 min)
    Developing a Problem Statement - NouLAB (75 min)
    Reflective Practice: 10-Year-Old You (15-30 min)



    Elder Mac Saulis

    Shifting perspectives: Implementing an Inuit Nunangat policy

    Natan Obed, President, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami

    "Creating Great Choices"

    Jennifer Riel, Adjunct Professor, Rotman School of Management

    Language: Revitalizing the language of policy

    Moderator: Rachel Wernick
    Panel: Elder Mac Saulis; Georgette LeBlanc, Parliamentary Poet Laureate; Nitika Agarwal, Chief Operations Officer, Apolitical; Isabelle Mondou, Associate Deputy Minister Heritage

    The Clerk in Conversation

    Michael Wernick, Clerk of the Privy Council; Jennifer Riel, Rotman School of Management

    Welcome to Day 2

    MC Kaili Levesque

    Margins are the Majority

    Nadia Duguay, Exeko and CKX Fellow; Will Prosper, Hoodstock

    Policy Innovation

    Moderator: Kaili Levesque
    Panel: Graham Flack,Deputy Minister, Employment and Social Development Canada; Rodney Ghali, Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet, Impact and Innovation Unit, Privy Council Office; Leanne Labelle, Canadian Digital Services

    Digital, ethics and inclusion: why policy practitioners should care

    Moderator: Neil Bouwer, Vice President, Canada School of Public Service
    Panel: Anna Wong, Digital Academy; Meghan Hellstern, Brookfield Institute; Brent Barron, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research; Serge Joly, Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada

    Closing Remarks

    MC Kaili Levesque

    Trust and Legitimacy

    Nadine Smith, Centre for Public Impact


    Georgette LeBlanc, Parliamentary Poet Laureate

    Policy Community Champions closing remarks

    Rachel Wernick, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Employment and Social Development Canada; Neil Bouwer, Vice President, Canada School of Public Service