The Policy Community Conference is the Policy Community's largest in-person gathering of the year! It is a moment for policy makers and shapers from across the federal public service and beyond to connect, learn, and explore topics around policy making, together.

Each year, the event is designed to enable participants to step away from their day-to-day and encounter challenges that stretch their thinking.

Previous Conferences

2020 | Integrated Policy: Let's Dance

Promotional poster of contemporary dancers for the Policy Community Conference 2020.

The theme of this year's Policy Community Conference was "Integrated Policy: Let's Dance!" It explored the rich relationships, mindsets and practices at the heart of integrated policy… whether it is integration:

  • between policy practitioners across the policy cycle (e.g., bringing policy development and delivery together),
  • between departments within the federal government, and
  • between the federal government and the broader policy ecosystem (e.g., other levels of government, academic institutions, and citizens).

We challenged participants to come make connections, be inspired, learn and practice at the Policy Community’s gathering of the year - let’s dance!

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See the Conference 2020 report

2019 | Practice Makes Policy

Photo of attendees from the Policy Community Conference 2019.

This year's conference explored the idea of practice: What are the practices, the skills and mindsets that support great policy work? How do we use these practices to creatively resolve increasingly complex policy challenges? What new questions can we ask to transform our practice? 

We invited practitioners to explore practice in three ways: 

  • Skills and Mindsets;
  • Integration; and 
  • Evolution.
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See the Conference 2019 report

2018 | Your Policy Community

Photo of attendees from the Policy Community Conference 2018.

This year's conference explored bringing together the right people and the right tools required in making excellent policy. 

Feedback from the inaugural conference in 2017 voiced a need for more interactive sessions and opportunities to create connections. As such, we were deliberate about the design, content and delivery of the 2018 Conference to ensure the needs and values of the Policy Community were reflected. 

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See the Conference 2018 report

2017 | Inaugural Policy Community Conference: Convening Community

Photo of venue from the Policy Community Conference 2017.

This year's conference was the Policy Community's Inaugural Conference, evolving as a deliverable proposed in the Report to the Clerk of the Privy Council of Canada on the Policy Community Project (click here to read the 2016 report).

One of the key objectives for the Policy Community Project was to "convene the policy community", and our solution to do this was to "launch a national policy workshop to support horizontal collaboration, networking, and community-building for policy professionals and policy practitioners" (outlined in the Report to the Clerk video). 

This conference was also an opportunity to introduce practitioners within our community to our original policy standards necessary in performing policy work. These standards have now grown and developed to become The Policy Community's Skills and Mindsets project.

See the Conference 2017 report

Resources and Webcasts

For participants who couldn’t participate in person, or wanted to use exercises with their teams outside the conference, we created a treasure chest of resources, called DIY Resources. In addition to webcasting, some of our content collaborators designed activity kits for groups that they could run on their own, outside of the conference itself. The DIY Resources, including activity kits and archived webcast videos, remains available year-round.