Sharing as we go

Two people discuss things

Storytelling is important. So is transparency.

Here you will find summaries of what we are seeing and hearing from our Community, what insights we are gleaning and how they are influencing where we prioritize our efforts. 

Our reports try to make visible the intent in our activities and tests, and show what we learn in the journey of challenging our assumptions and unearthing new questions about deeper needs of practitioners. 

We are also holding space here for the reports of our collaborators who have engaged with us to craft experiences that are unexpected in the context of a bureaucracy. 

Reports to the Clerk

Video Report to the Clerk - our first year

Building off the recommendations to the Clerk from the Policy Community Project in 2016, we used this 6 minute video to outline early learning from engagement, our priorities and why we chose them. 
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Stories from our Collaborators

Read accounts from these experience builders. 

Where is here? The Art of Place

Field trip designed by Susan Johnston 

Using a “learning journey” to explore various ways to see, and be in relationship with, the land

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Ethnography in practice

Training and experiential learning from Véronique Gilbert and Steven Schiffer

What does it take to train 21 conference participants to notice who we are in Community? An experience in trying to capture the "culture" of policy practitioners when we convene. 

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