Integrated Policy - Let's Dance!

The theme of "Integrated Policy" emerges quickly in light of the themes of previous conferences, but also because of the need to open the discussion on the importance of working on public policies horizontally.

The sub-theme "Let's Dance!" was not one of the first elements for this conference, although policy practitioners have always been the central focus. While at first we flirted with the idea of "behind the scenes" and the idea of tango, we turned instead to modern dance where several dancers express themselves differently to achieve a cohesive whole.

This analogy with the cycle of politics seemed to us to be fair and meaningful for our Community. The visual of the Conference, modern dancers pushing back frames and opening up possibilities, was therefore developed with these ideas in mind. 

Our biggest conference yet!

868 attendees in person

495 new connections

50 repeat connections

Key Objectives

The key objectives that guided the design of the Conference were the enabling of reflection, sometimes through discomfort, through practice, or through art and play. 

Offered for the first time on two consecutive days, with the same program, this marquis event allowed 1408 practitioners to participate, either in person or online. 

Keynote speakers

Our speakers added to the dynamism of the day by sharing their unique perspectives about aspect of public policy in compelling ways. You can watch recordings of their sessions directly through the links below. We have also included their presentations and transcripts (some translations pending).

Videos from 2020

Policy Practitioners of the Future

Nitika Agarwal, Apolitical

Get an international perspective on the mindsets, skills and behaviours for policy practitioners of the future and how we can start to exercise and hone them right now.  

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Involving Citizens in Policy-making: Inclusive Governance and Public Trust

Laurie Drake, MASS LBP

Democracy is under pressure and trust in public institutions is declining globally and here in Canada. If we are going to meet our democratic aspirations, we need to address growing mistrust and polarization. This means upending assumptions about the ability and willingness of citizens to play a more central role in policy-making. By involving more people in policy-making, we can create more inclusive governance and reinvigorate the democratic project —a project of personal agency, collective efficacy, and shared responsibility. Show less
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Thinking through data as a social and technological system!

Tracey Lauriault, Critical Media and Big Data, Carleton University  

Data Data Everywhere! What approaches can we apply to help us think through our data systems and how can these be applied in a public policy context? Come and find out!

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Integrated Policy: A UK Perspective

Andrea Siodmok, UK Cabinet Office - Policy Lab and Open Innovation Team

Let’s explore working beyond boundaries and “government as a system” toolkit to deliver change in complex policy environments.

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Visualizing Complexity in the Policy Environment

Enrique Martinez

A visual language easy to learn and use by everyone--the language of diagrams--is disrupting government by making operations, management, policy-making, and civic processes more transparent and participatory. This session will explain how schematic visualization is transforming the way in which public servants and government leaders are framing problems and making decisions. This is an interactive session: all participants will engage hands-on and experience the power of diagramming and low-tech visual communication techniques to clarify complex ideas and processes in the policy environment and across government. Show less
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Integrating Indigenous perspectives in Policy (by CSPS)

Failure, Balance and Experimentation (by 21Toys)

Integrating Data in Policy (by Statistics Canada)

Policy, Experimentation in Action - Going beyond the basic (by Nesta)

Behavioural Insights (by Behavioural Insights Team)

Other offerings from PCPO

Six people with hands raised in celebration around a laptop with 3:21 minutes remaining - successfully solving the challenge. 

GBA+ Escape Room (click to see a short video about the activity)

Small Talk - Connection through stories and conversations on integrated policy.

Participant perspectives

Read impressions from participants through their tweets to get a flavour for the Conference beyond the agenda. 


I'm @policommpoil in #Ottawa today for @ACOACanada. Creative & unexpected start to the day with interpretative dance! #policomm

Shifting mindsets

Excitement and gratitude


Amazing talk by @agarwal_nitika2 at the #policomm! It left me feeling inspired to be more proactive in the workplace and hone my skills to help tackle the policy challenges of the 21st century. Thank you! by Nancy Aboucee

Content that resonates

Inspiration and desire to share

Virtual exprience

New ways for learning

Embracing a challenge