February 20 & 21, 2019 | National Arts Center

Policy Community Conference 2019


A rich virtual experience, no matter where you are.

The Conference-in-a-Box (CIAB) is a treasure chest of resources that you can explore. The CIAB is designed to complement the virtual broadcast of the 2019 Policy Community Conference by providing materials for learning, practicing and sparking conversations.  

Between the CSPS location to experience the conference with colleagues from across departments - tune in to the webcast, and enjoy opportunities for lively discussions and group learning; or

  • Gather your colleagues and host your own mini-conference and choose the materials you want to use from the Conference-in-a-Box!
  • Activities (2018)

    How Might We Design Public Engagement Experiences? (60-90 min)
    How Might We Co-Create Policy? (60 min)
    How Might We Rethink the Policy Cycle? (45-60 min)
    Parallel Thinking Workshop (120 min)
    TRIZ Exercise (40 min)

    Activities (2019)

    The Public Impact Fundamentals Self-assessment Tool - CPI (60-90 min)
    Reflective Practice: River of Life (15-30 min)
    Storytelling - Apolitical (60-90 min)
    Developing a Problem Statement - NouLAB (75 min)
    Reflective Practice: 10-Year-Old You (15-30 min)


    Virtual Agenda (AST)
    Virtual Agenda (MST)
    Virtual Agenda (EST)
    Virtual Agenda (PST)
    Virtual Agenda (CST)

    More Conference-in-a-Box material will be coming to this page soon!