Making excellent policy requires bringing together the right people and the right tools.

The 2018 Policy Community Conference is about just that. It’s a place for policy makers and shapers from across the federal public service and beyond to gather and learn, connect, and explore topics around modern policy making, together. And together, we can all contribute to a vibrant Policy Community for Canada.

At this 2-day immersive conference, you’ll take part in fascinating conversations, engage with bright thought leaders, hear compelling talks, and practice what you are learning to grow your toolkit, your mind, and your network. With FEDTalks and the opportunity to choose from concurrent sessions, you’ll be able to shape your conference experience to suit your learning and professional goals.


As tickets to the in-person conference in Ottawa are limited, the Policy Community is pleased to provide a virtual option for the conference. This option is being supported by a Conference-in-a-Box, which is designed to facilitate organization of your own mini-conference.

Blind coffee dates: When you register for your concurrent sessions, you'll notice the option to opt in to being paired with another public servant for a blind coffee date. Those who opt in will be randomly paired with another conference attendee for a blind coffee date to take place before the conference starts on Day 2 (March 29th).

We look forward to creating a more colourful Policy Community with you on March 28-29, 2018!

To connect with the Policy Community, join us on GCcollab*, Twitter, or ,email.

*For those outside of the Government of Canada, please email us to request an invitation to the group.

March 28th & 29th, 2018

National Arts Centre

Ottawa, Ontario


Registration for individual sessions is now live. You'll get to choose from concurrent sessions offered in four different formats to suit your learning style and interests.

Concurrent sessions

Speakers' Salon


How Might We...conversation

Connections Lounge

Through lightning talks and case studies with speakers from across the policy ecosystem, you will hear big ideas, lived experiences, and visions for the future, with ample time for questions and answers.

Through interactive workshops, you will get hands-on with policy methods, tools and best practices.

How Might We... conversations will kick off with brief, plenary talks that will set the tone for you to have intimate table conversations focused on the art of the possible in policy making.

A dedicated space for you to engage in a combination of facilitated and informal networking with experts, leaders, and peers.

Day 1
March 28th

8:00 to 9:00Registration and networkingTheland Kicknosway Hoop dance performance
9:00 to 9:10Opening Ceremony Claudette Commanda Acknowledgement of Algonquin territory & Indigenous Blessings
9:10 to 9:20Welcoming RemarksMCs Myra Latendresse-Drapeau & Joël Bourgeoys
9:20 to 9:45"Your Policy Community"Rachel Wernick and Neil Bouwer Community Co-champions
9:45 to 10:10"Measurement Matters"Jason Saul, CEO Mission Measurement
10:10 to 10:25Break
10:30 to 12:00Concurrent sessions

Speakers' Salon

The role of evidence in shaping policy and regulations
This session will use the process to legalize cannabis as a case study to examine more generally, how a broad range of evidence is needed to shape policy, regulations and industry resulting in better outcomes for Canadians.
Speakers: Lynn Barr-Telford, Eric Costen, Austin Lawrence You might also be interested in:
  • Playing the Medium Term Policy Game
  • HMW...Rethink the Policy Cycle
  • Making Policy Real: Measuring the Results that Matter to People
  • Workshop

    Policy Innovation 101
    Explore the basics of policy innovation with an emphasis on problem definition. Grounded in a real policy issue.
    You might also be interested in:
  • User Designed Policy
  • How Might We...conversation

    How Might We...Co-create Policy
    Explore a case study of co-creation, followed by an interactive conversation on how to apply co-creation in your own policy development.
    You might also be interested in:
  • HMW… Develop Policy in a Digital World
  • HMW… Listen for Unheard Voices
  • Public Engagement within the Policy Lifecycle
  • User-Designed Policy
  • Connections Lounge

    Expert Connections
    Enjoy three rounds of table discussions with some of our speakers, special guests and public servants with knowledge, connections and experience to share. Flex your curiosity muscles and post questions you’ve always wanted to ask.
    12:00 to 1:00Lunch 
    1:00 to 1:25"Building Trust in Innovative Policy Making"Nitika Agarwal COO, Apolitical
    1:30 to 2:45Concurrent sessions 

    Speakers' Salon

    The Interplay Between Communications and Policy
    Working together across policy and communications functions and the powerful outcomes that can result when it’s done well.
    Speakers: Jennifer Hollington, Suzy McDonald
    You might also be interested in:
  • HMW...Work as One Team Across the Policy Ecosystem
  • HMW...Create a Culture that Supports Policy Excellence
  • Workshop

    Public Engagement within the Policy Lifecycle
    Learn to design your engagement approach based on your unique context, stakeholders, and objectives.
    Speakers: Patrick Scully, Rebecca Marland, Laura Wesley
    You might also be interested in:
  • HMW...Co-Create Policy
  • HMW...Develop Policy in a Digital World
  • HMW...Listen for Unheard Voices
  • How Might We...conversation

    How Might We...Rethink the Policy Cycle
    Help articulate new ways of doing policy development by documenting practices in use across the public service. Outline what adaptations would be needed in our leadership, org structures, culture, and day to day practices to stay excellent in a modern context.
    You might also be interested in:
  • Role of Evidence
  • Experimentation in Action
  • Playing the Medium Term Policy Game
  • Connections Lounge

    Policy Community Construction Zone
    Check out the Policy Community projects under construction! You'll have the opportunity to work at different project stations to help us build the online portal, mobility program, and skills and competency framework for policy practitioners.
    You might also be interested in:
  • HMW...Create a Culture that Supports Policy Excellence
  • HMW...Work as One Team across the Policy Ecosystem
  • 2:45 to 3:00Break 
    3:00 to 4:15Concurrent sessions 

    Speakers' Salon

    Two-Eyed Seeing
    Two-eyed seeing is learning to see from one eye with the strengths of Indigenous knowledges and ways of knowing, and from the other eye with the strengths of Western knowledges and ways of knowing… and learning to use both these eyes together, for the benefit of all.
    Speakers :Dr. Cheryl Bartlett, Elder Albert Marshall, Dr. Karen Lawford.
    You might also be interested in:
  • HMW… Listen for Unheard Voices
  • HMW...Co-Create Policy
  • Workshop

    User-Designed Policy
    Get hands on with a real case study to look at who is affected by a policy intervention and how you can design policy for the user.
    UK Policy Lab
    You might also be interested in:
  • HMW...Co-Create Policy
  • Experimentation in Action
  • HMW...Listen for Unheard Voices
  • How Might We...conversation

    How Might We...Create a Culture that Supports Policy Excellence
    Join us in identifying the behaviours that support (and inhibit) developing and implementing excellent policies for Canadians. Challenge yourself and others to become culture ambassadors in your workplaces.
    You might also be interested in:
  • HMW...Work as One Team across the Policy Ecosystem
  • Policy Community Construction Zone
  • Connections Lounge

    Policy Community Construction Zone
    Check out the Policy Community projects under construction! You'll have the opportunity to work at different project stations to help us build the online portal, mobility program, and skills and competency framework for policy practitioners.
    You might also be interested in:
  • Policy Innovation 101

  • 4:15 to 4:40"Being a modern, relevant and impactful policy practitioner"
    Marta Morgan Deputy Minister, Immigration, Refugee
    and Citizenship Canada
    Jean-François Tremblay Deputy Minister, Indigenous Services
    5:00 to 7:00Networking

    Day 2
    March 29th

    8:00 to 8:45Blind Coffee Dates
    8:45 to 8:50Day 2 Opening Remarks
    8:50 to 10:00Discussion with the ClerkMichael Wernick, Clerk of the Privy Council
    10:00 to 10:15Break
    10:15 to 11:30Concurrent sessions

    Speakers' Salon

    Experimentation in Action
    Learn about policy and program experimentation through multiple case-studies followed by a Q & A focussing on applying experimentation to policy issues.
    Speakers: Michelle Lattimore, David Gyarmati
    You might also be interested in :
  • HMW...Co-Create Policy
  • HMW...Rethink the Policy Cycle
  • Workshop

    Making Policy Real: measuring the results that matter to people
    Public servants are charged with measuring our progress in implementing policy goals. In this workshop, you will take a hands-on approach designed to give insight into 'telling the policy performance story'.
    You might also be interested in :
  • HMW...Co-Create Policy
  • HMW...Rethink the Policy Cycle
  • How Might We...conversation

    How Might We...Work as One Team Across the Policy Ecosystem
    A conversation on creating and fostering collaborative policy making across sectors, geographical boundaries, and functions.
    You might also be interested in :
  • Comms/Policy
  • HMW...Create a culture that supports policy excellence
  • Policy Community Construction Zone
  • Connections Lounge

    Expert Connections - Digital Edition
    Enjoy three rounds of table discussions with some of our speakers, special guests and public servants with knowledge, connections and experience to share. Flex your curiosity muscles and post questions you’ve always wanted to ask.
    11:30 to 11:55"AI and Disruptive Tech in Policy Making" Gayemarie Brown
    12:00 to 1:00Lunch
    1:00 to 2:30Concurrent sessions

    Speakers' Salon

    GBA+ and Inclusive Policy
    Through an interview panel and audience questions, you will explore how practicing empathy will bridge the gap between policy and Canadians. “Cool headed; warm hearted”
    Speakers: Kit Collingwood, Tatiana Fraser, Rachel Wernick
    You might also be interested in :
  • HMW...Listen for Unheard Voices
  • HMW...Create a Culture that supports policy excellence
  • Workshop

    Playing the Medium-Term game
    Explore the critical role of the policy community in the development of medium-term policy (2-5 years out).
    Speakers: James Clarkson, Craig Hutton, Isabelle Mondou You might also be interested in :
  • Role of Evidence
  • HMW...Rethink the Policy Development Cycle
  • How Might We...conversation

    How Might We...Develop Policy in a Digital World
    Using a case study to kick start the conversation, you will consider how to deploy digital tools to design policy.
    You might also be interested in :
  • HMW...Co-Create Policy
  • Creating Smart Cities
  • Connections Lounge

    Canada Beyond 150 Insights Gallery
    Learn more about the insights generated during the Canada Beyond 150 project and connect with its members & the Policy Horizons team to learn how you can apply insights to your policy work.
    2:30 to 2:45Break
    2:45 to 3:45Concurrent Sessions

    Speakers' Salon

    Creating Smart Cities: Technologies, Big Data, and Citizen Engagement
    A dynamic and multisector discussion exploring the transformational impacts of technology and their socio-economic dimensions in creating smart cities.
    Speakers: Gerard Peets, Pamela Robinson, Paul Vallée, Stephen Willis
    Moderator: Ian Capstick, Power & Politics
    Opening remarks: Ursula Gobel
    You might also be interested in :
  • HMW...Policy in a Digital World
  • Experimentation in Action
  • Workshop

    Engaging Internally on Program & Policy Design
    You will be activated to think about ways we can engage public servants within our organizations to strengthen program and policy design using bottom-up engagement methods.
    You might also be interested in :
  • HMW… Develop Policy in a Digital World
  • How Might We...conversation

    How Might We...Listen for Unheard Voices
    A plenary talk exploring who we’re not hearing from in the policy development process, followed by table conversations on how can we listen for and seek out unheard voices.
    You might also be interested in :
  • HMW...Co-Create Policy
  • User Designed Policy
  • Public Engagement within the Policy Lifecycle
  • GBA+Inclusive Policy
  • Two-Eyed Seeing
  • Connections Lounge

    Canada Beyond 150 Insights Gallery
    Learn more about the insights generated during the Canada Beyond 150 project and connect with its members & the Policy Horizons team to learn how you can apply insights to your policy work.
    3:45 to 4:10"Working as One Team" Kit Collingwood UK One Team Gov
    4:15 to 4:30Closing Remarks MCs Myra Latendresse-Drapeau and Joël Bourgeoys

    Plenary Speakers

    Nitika Agarwal Chief Operating Officer, Apolitical
    Nitika is a policy maker turned entrepreneur. Previously a senior advisor in UK government, she has led European negotiations on economic and financial policy, including serving as Chief of Staff of the U.K. Ambassador to the EU. She is now Chief Operating Officer at Apolitical - a platform for public servants everywhere to find innovative policies and connect to peers and experts globally.
    Talk to me about: Entrepreneurship and innovation in policymaking, Creating vibrant communities of policy makers which bust traditional siloes, Government partnering with smaller NGOs and startups, Building an ambitious, mission driven tech company
    Neil Bouwer Assistant Secretary, Horizontal Innovation Review
    Neil is a self-confessed policy wonk - he trained as an economist, frequently worked at central agencies, and has spanned various other federal government departments and agencies. He also played a leadership role with the Advanced Policy Analyst Program (of which he is an alumnus), as well as the creation of the federal policy community.
    Twitter Handle: @jdneilbouwer
    LinkedIn Profile: Neil Bouwer
    Talk to me about: New policy instruments, experimentation, HR Modernization, innovation
    Gayemarie Brown CEO and Founder of Wintam Place Consulting
    Gayemarie Brown is the CEO and Founder of Wintam Place Consulting and the former National Innovation Leader for Deloitte Canada. As a bold leader and entrepreneur, she has built companies from the ground up leveraging exponential technologies and disruptive business models. Listed as one of the top female futurists in the world, she was invited to the National Privy Council and Cabinet’s national Innovation conference to share her views on the criticality of understanding Artificial Intelligence as accountable business leaders and citizens.
    Talk to me about: The impact of exponential technologies, digital disruption and artificial intelligence on our governments, businesses and what we need to do now to prepare for the change ahead.
    Twitter handle: @GayemarieBrown
    Kit Collingwood-Richardson Deputy Director, Data team- Universal Credit Programme
    Kit works on data at the Department for Work and Pensions in the UK. Kit is passionate about radically improved public services, about open and empathetic leadership, and about joining up policy making with service delivery. She co-founded the One Team Government movement in 2017, which is a cross-sector reform community which aims to improve the way the public sector operates by breaking down boundaries and changing the way we lead.
    Twitter handle: @kitterati
    Talk to me about: Public sector reform, leadership, Women in tech/digital, Empathy in Leadership, Policy and Digital in government
    Marta Morgan Deputy Minister, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
    Before this appointment, Marta served as the Associate Deputy Minister of Finance and the Associate Deputy Minister of Industry where she also held the positions of Assistant Deputy Minister, Industry Sector, and Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Policy Sector. Prior to Industry Canada, Ms. Morgan held positions at the Forest Products Association of Canada, the Privy Council Office, and Human Resources Development Canada.
    Jason Saul Founder and CEO of Mission Measurement
    Jason is one of the world's leading experts on measuring social impact. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Mission Measurement, a firm that measures and predicts social impact for governments, foundations and corporations around the world. Jason serves on the faculty of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and is an award-winning author of numerous books on measurement and social strategy, including: Benchmarking for Non-profits, Social Innovation Inc., and The End of Fundraising.
    Twitter handle: @missionmeasure
    Other Links: MissionMeasurement.com
    Talk to me about:Ambidexterity, non-linear thinking, modern art, french literature
    Jean-François Tremblay Deputy Minister, Indigenous Services Canada
    Prior to this appointment, Jean-François served as Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Communities and Deputy Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities (TIC). Before joining the TIC portfolio, Jean-François held positions at the Privy Council Office, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, and Health Canada.
    Michael Wernick Clerk of the Privy Council
    Michael became Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet on January 22, 2016. He joined the federal public service in 1981. Since then he has worked in various departments and agencies, including the Department of Finance Canada, Consumer and Corporate Affairs Canada and the Privy Council Office. In 2012, Michael received the Queen Elizabeth 11 Diamond Jubilee Medal.
    Twitter handle: @Clerk_GC
    Rachel Wernick Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Skills and Employment Branch, Employment and Social Development Canada
    Rachel is known for her passion for policy excellence and her tireless pursuit of the compelling storyline. She has held a variety of positions (policy, program, central agency, corporate, dedicated task force) which has made her a strong proponent of the benefit of multi-disciplinary approaches. Working two years in a refugee camp with people from all over the planet was formative in developing her appreciation of diversity, cross-cultural understanding and global citizenship.
    Twitter handle: @wernick_rachel
    Talk to me about: The Policy Community

    Special Guests

    Lynn Barr-Telford Director General, Health, Justice and Special Surveys Branch, Statistics Canada
    Lynn Barr-Telford is the Director General responsible for the Health, Justice and Special Surveys Branch (HJSSB) at Statistics Canada. The HJSSB provides accurate, timely and relevant information to health and justice decision-makers at all levels of government, to non-governmental organizations, to researchers and to the Canadian public. Lynn holds a Master’s Degree from Carleton University and has been with Statistics Canada for over 25 years. She has extensive experience in social statistics program management at the executive level.
    Talk to me about: Data for informing policy development, Health Data, Justice Data
    Cheryl Bartlett CM, PhD, Professor Emerita of Biology, Cape Breton University
    Cheryl is of newcomer lineage (European) and grew up in Blackfoot Traditional Territory in the prairies of southern Alberta. In conjunction with Mi’kmaw educators and Elders (especially Murdena and Albert Marshall), community organizations, and mainstream allies, Cheryl helped create and teach the Toqwa’tu’kl Kjijitaqnn / Integrative Science program at CBU which sought “to bring together Indigenous and Western scientific knowledges” for university-level science education, work that led to her being named as a Member to the Order of Canada in 2011.
    Other links: Integrativescience.ca
    Talk to me about: Two-Eyed Seeing, Integrative Science, co-learning, knowledge scrutinization, knowledge gardening, Integrative Science, parasites in wild birds.
    Hilary Best Policy Advisor, Ontario Policy Innovation Hub
    Hilary brings expertise in social impact measurement, evaluation, and research to bear on complex social and environmental challenges. Her work experience spans private, public, and non-profit sectors, with organizations including the City of Toronto, CivicAction, Purpose Capital, and Dillon Consulting. Hilary holds a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from McGill and a Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCAD. She is a credentialed evaluator.
    Talk to me about: Municipal government, program evaluation, civic engagement, youth employment, the non-profit sector, impact investing
    Richard Budgell Regional Executive - Indigenous Services, Government of Canada
    Richard Budgell has been a federal public servant for 30 years, with most of that time spent in the Department of Indigenous Affairs and in Health Canada. His experience has ranged from being a self-government negotiator, to the first national manager of the Aboriginal Head Start program. He grew up mainly in Labrador is an Inuk beneficiary of the 2005 Labrador Inuit Final Land Claims Agreement.
    Talk to me about: Indigenous recruitment in the federal government
    Claudette Commanda, Professor and Executive Director
    Claudette is an Algonquin from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg. She is a mother of four children, grandmother of ten. Claudette is an advocate for First Nation rights, and an alumni of the University of Ottawa Faculty of Common Law and Faculty of History. Her passion is educate people about First Nations people, history, culture, and realities.
    Eric Costen Director General: Cannabis Legalisation and Regulation Secretariat
    Eric Costen is currently the Director General of the Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Secretariat, the federal office created to support the Government’s commitment to legalize, regulate and restrict the sale of cannabis. Prior to this, Eric was the Executive Director of the Office of Medical Cannabis, and has held a range of health policy positions over his 10 years at Health Canada, including Director, Strategic Policy, Planning and Portfolio Affairs, and Director, First Nations and Inuit Mental Health and Addictions. He has a Bachelors Honours Degree from the University of Ottawa, and is the proud father of four boys.
    Talk to me about: Policy development, cannabis, leadership, raising 4 boys, cycling...
    Tatiana Fraser, Co-Founder of Girls Action Foundation Research Director, Social Research and Demonstration Canada
    Tatiana has 20 years of experience leading and scaling social change at the intersection of gender and innovation. She is co-founder of Matalab, a platform designed to support and incubate systems change where she recently launched System Sanctuary, a global peer learning platform for systems change and The Gender Lab in collaboration with Ashoka Global. She is co-founder and past Executive Director of Girls Action Foundation and Co-author of Girl Positive (Random House, 2016), Tatiana is recognized as an Ashoka Fellow and one of Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women (Women’s Executive Network). Tatiana is also a mother and loves running, doing yoga and spending time by the ocean.
    Twitter handle: @tatiana_fraser Other links: www.systemsantuary.com
    Talk to me about: intersections of gender, systems change and social innovation
    David Gyarmati Research Director, Social Research and Demonstration Canada
    David has over 20 years of experience in conducting social policy and labour market research and evaluation in Canada. In addition to training and workforce development, David has authored studies in a wide range of areas including community development, income supports and programs that use financial incentives to help disadvantaged Canadians to make the transition to work.
    Other links: www.srdc.org
    Talk to me about: urban planning, smart cities, civic engagement, open government, artificial intelligence.
    Jennifer Hollington Assistant Deputy Minister – Communications and Public Affairs Branch (CPAB) for Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada
    Before joining Health Canada,Jen served in a range of executive positions at Natural Resources Canada. She is the author of the long-running blog Café Jen.
    Twitter handle: @jenholl
    Other links: Cafe Jen
    Talk to me: Communications supporting in addressing the opioid crisis, words we use to communicate policy, role of Public Servants in supporting the Government’s policy objectives (including through the personal use of social media)
    Michelle Lattimore Director General, client Experience, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
    Michelle leads IRCC's centre of expertise dedicated to understanding and improving the client experience. Conceived and implemented following the success of the Family Class Design Challenge, the Branch brought together existing IRCC client support functions and in 2017 saw the introduction of a new Service Insights and Experimentation Division with expertise in client-centric research and design.
    LinkedIn Profile: Michelle Lattimore
    Other links: Family class Design Challenge
    Talk to me about: CX, Human Centred Design, Public Service Renewal, Measuring Success
    Karen M. Lawford Aboriginal midwife, Professor
    Dr. Lawford is an Aboriginal midwife from Namegosibiing (Trout Lake, Lac Seul First Nation, Treaty 3) and a registered midwife in Ontario. She is currently a professor at Carleton University in the School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies. Dr. Lawford's research focuses on Health Canada's evacuation policy, which results in the routine evacuation of all First Nations women who live on rural and remote reserves to southern urban centres. This longstanding health policy is severely detrimental to women, families, and communities, and is a government tool that aims to civilize and assimilate First Nations people.
    Talk to me about: How can policy be used/leverage to create environments of cooperation and trust between Indigenous peoples and the Government of Canada? How can Two-Eyed seeing be implemented within federal health services? Is Canada ready to come to terms with the various policy levers that were (and are) used to disadvantage Indigenous peoples?
    Austin Lawrence Manager, Law Enforcement and Policing Research Unit, Research Division, Public Safety Canada
    Austin works as a criminologist for Public Safety Canada. He has contributed to the development of new sources of data, undertaken research, and provided evidence-based advice in many areas, some of which include: cannabis legalization; organized crime and gangs; hate crime; cybercrime; sexual assault; human trafficking; and, the economics of policing.
    Twitter Handle:  @AuzLaw
    Other links:https://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/rsrcs/pblctns/index-en.aspx
    Talk to me about: Cannabis legalization; organized crime and gangs.
    Albert Marshall Elder, Mi'kmaw Nation; Honorary Doctorate
    Elder Albert lives in Eskasoni, NS, in Mi’kma’ki, the Traditional Territory of the Mi’kmaw Nation. He is a highly-respected and internationally-known Elder, an Honorary Doctorate, the originator of “Two-Eyed Seeing”, and an ex-inmate of the Canadian residential school system. Together with his wife Elder Murdena, Albert has long worked to share understandings about Mi’kmaw language and knowledge and to encourage the “working together” of Indigenous and mainstream peoples and knowledges.
    Other links: The Indigenous Circle of Experts Eastern Regional Gathering
    Talk to me about: Mi’kmaw Knowledge, Mi’kmaw language, Two-Eyed Seeing, wholism, co-learning, moving towards consensus, rights and responsibilities
    Ian Matheson Executive Coach, Facilitator and Instructor
    Ian supports individuals and groups in their development. His areas of expertise include leadership, management, effective communication, emotional intelligence and how government works.
    Twitter Handle: @idmatheson
    Other links: How Government Works Blog: ianmatheson.wordpress.com
    Talk to me about: How anyone can contribute to community leadership; Networking and managing your career; Favourite frameworks!
    Suzy McDonald Assistant Deputy Minister – Opioid Response Team for Health Canada
    Suzy is responsible for overseeing the federal response to the opioid crisis as well as longer- term policy development to address problematic substance use.She has a Bahelor of Arts from Smith College in Northhampton, Massachusetts, and a Masters in International Affairs from Carleton University, Ottawa.
    Talk to me: Communications supporting in addressing the opioid crisis
    Gerard Peets Director General, Smart Cities Challenge, Infrastructure Canada
    Gerard is a policy professional with broad interests. He is currently leading a team at Infrastructure Canada that's creating Canada's first Smart Cities Challenge. His team is exploring new policy terrain around data, performance measurement and outcomes-based programming.
    Twitter hashtag: #smartcitiesCanada
    Other links: www.infrastructure.gc.ca/plan/cities-villes-eng.html
    Talk to me about: Building something new within Government
    Pamela Robinson Associate Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning, Associate Dean Graduate Studies and Strategic Initiatives, Ryerson University
    Pamela is a member of the geothink.ca research team where she examines how open government, open data, and smart city technology and artificial intelligence are transforming urban planning practice in Canadian cities. She is a member of the Multi Stakeholder Forum advising the Government of Canada on their Open Government Partnership commitments, a columnist for Spacing Magazine, and the Academic Advisor for Sidewalk Toronto's summer Urban Fellowship program.
    Twitter handle: @pjrplan
    Talk to me about: urban planning, smart cities, civic engagement, open government, artificial intelligence.
    Lee Rose CEO, Community Knowledge Exchange
    Lee is a curious and accidental social innovator with a knack for working across systems to drive change. He has led the creation and development of the Community Knowledge Exchange in his role as the Director of Community Knowledge at Community Foundations of Canada, and now as its founding CEO.
    Twitter Handle: @thisleerose
    Other links: www.ckx.org
    Talk to me about: Shift Distrubing, Reflective Practice, Hosting & Facilitation
    Nick Scott Executive Director, Open Government and Innovation, Executive Council Office, Government of New Brunswick
    Nick is passionate about public problem solving and co-creating a better society. This passion led him to co-found NouLAB New Brunswick's public and social innovation lab, as well as the GovMaker Conference to promote open government and public innovation.
    Twitter handle: @NickScott506
    Other links: @thefaketree
    Talk to me about: What keeps you up at night and what gets you out of bed in the morning. Digital dualism and technological determinism. The Marvel Cinematic Universe and your favourite 90s punk band.
    Patrick Scully Managing Director, Participedia
    Patrick is President of clearview Consulting LLC and managing director of Participedia.net. He also serves as a Senior Associate with Everyday Democracy.
    Twitter handle: @plscully
    Talk to me about: Participatory democratic innovations, civic engagement/public participation, collaborative research.
    Lisa Smylie Director, Research and Evalutation, Status of Women Canada.
    Lisa joined the Federal Public Service in 2006 following a brief career in academia in the area of sexual and reproductive health. Lisa has been involved in various social policy files related to health and gender equality. Her team describes her as a forward-thinking, resilient, empowering, dedicated, collaborative leader with a passion for effecting change.
    Talk to me about: gender equality, GBA+, research, sexual and reproductive health, infectious diseases
    Shohreh Soltaninia Policy Advisor, Ontario Policy Innovation Hub
    Shohreh joined the Hub in 2017 working on helping ministries adopt innovative approaches to their work. She also co-designed the Policy Innovation 101 university course that the Hub offers. Prior to joining the Hub team, Sho worked at Metrix Consulting, a boutique consulting firm in Toronto and spent a year in Cambodia working with a social enterprise organization to advance socio-economic outcomes.
    Talk to me about: User journey and experience mapping, system and process mapping, storyboarding and prototyping, international relations, trade and economic policies, diversity and inclusion in public policy
    Melanie Sullivan Interim Executive Director, Government of Canada Communications Community Office.
    Melanie is enthusiastic, passionate and engaged in all aspects of communications. She has over 25 years of communications experience in both the private and the public sector.
    Twitter Handle :  @MelanieSulliva1
    Communications Community Office on Twitter:  @CCOBCCC
    Talk to me about: Communications surrounding social policies, especially those that affect seniors, people with disabilities, people who are homeless and our communities; Professional development in GC Communication
    Paul Vallée Chief Executive Officer, Pythian
    Paul co-founded Pythian in 1997 and became CEO of the Company in 2005. His passion and foresight for using data and technology to drive business success has helped Pythian become a high-growth global company with over 400 employees and offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. Paul is a strong proponent of technical excellence as well as diversity in the workplace. Prior to founding Pythian, Paul worked as a data scientist and he holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Management Information Systems from the University of Ottawa.
    Sameer Vasta Lead, Employee Experience, Ontario Digital Service
    Sameer is a digital anthropologist with the Ontario Digital Service. Over the past decade, he has worked with organizations like the Aga Khan Development Network, the World Bank, and MaRS Discovery District to effectively use new digital technologies to improve their governance, decision-making, public affairs, advocacy, and stakeholder engagement. He is an avid letter-writer and urban explorer.
    Twitter Handle : @vasta
    Other links: www.inthemargins.ca
    Talk to me about: Digital Government, Storytelling, Civic Tech, Inclusive Workplaces
    Aleeya Velji Systemic Designer & Engagement Strategist
    Aleeya is a social innovator exploring how to infuse systems thinking, strategic foresight, and universal design methods into the daily work habits of organizations. Right now, she is co-creating Studio 44 with the Government of Alberta, and is a steward with the Edmonton Shift Lab.
    Twitter Handle: @Aleeyavelji
    Talk to me about: Whatever you want! or things like ABSI Connect, SDX CoP, Edmonton Shift Lab, Cycling, Travel
    Stephen Willis General Manager - Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development
    Steve is a Registered Professional Planner and Professional Land Economist with more than 20 years of experience in the public and private sector. He is responsible for increasing the City's economic viability through planning and infrastructure initiatives as well as finding economic opportunities to create new growth and prosperity in the Ottawa area.
    Other links: Ottawa.ca/planning
    Talk to me about: Lean process design in government, long range planning past the next term of council, economic development focus areas for the department



    Registration for the Conference is now closed. If you have a code for the Conference and have not registered please e-mail policommpoli@canada.ca with the code.

    Travelling to the conference? For information on what to see and do in Ottawa while you’re here, please visit Ottawa Tourism.

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